Our services include assessments and appointments for patients requiring individual care as well as group classes supporting health and movement.


Assessments + Appointments

Our services provide support for clients with conditions such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and metabolic conditions, osteoporosis, mental health problems, cancer, arthritis, chronic pain, post-surgical rehabilitation, neuromuscular conditions, pulmonary disease and more.

 Improve your heart health
 Overcome persisting pain
 Rehabilitate following a cardiac event
 Control your diabetes
 Manage your weight
 Recovery during and following cancer treatment


Injury Rehabilitation

Whether it is back pain, neck tension, knee pain, postural issues, overuse injuries, tendonopathies, shoulder issues or any other musculoskeletal issue, we can assist you. Through carefully tailored strength, stability and mobility exercises we will return you to full function as quickly and safely as possible. During this process, we don’t just focus on the target area, but the entire “chain of movement” in order to galvanise your body against further injuries. The body functions as a unit, not as an isolated joint, and we prescribe exercise with this in mind.


Fitness, Strength & Conditioning

Whatever your current level of ability, we will assist you in achieving your goals. We are the most qualified exercise professionals to help you lose fat and gain muscle, and increase your strength, cardiorespiratory fitness and flexibility/mobility. During our sessions we utilise a huge range of training methods and techniques from weight training, high intensity interval training, pilates, gymnastics, metabolic circuits, kettlebells….the list goes on.


Weight loss, health & wellbeing

Research has proven that exercise, at the correct intensity and duration, is the single most multifactorial health intervention possible. Here are just a few ways that expertly prescribed exercise can help improve your general health and wellbeing:

 Reduce stress levels

 Improves mental health

 Strengthens your bones

 Reduces health related medical costs

 Improve your sleep

 Improve your posture


Chronic Disease Management

Do you have a chronic medical condition? You may be eligible for 5 free sessions by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who can plan and prescribe an exercise program suitable for your medical condition. Eps help with chronic diseases by helping in managing/treating the disease, prevention of co-morbidities, improvement of quality of life, pain relief etc. Common chronic diseases include diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis, chronic fatigue, cancer, COPD, depression, heart disease. The aim is to use exercise to help you self manage your condition whether it be physical or psychological.